Location Carrer Rosselló, nº 166, Entlo.
08036 Barcelona (Spain)
Email Phone

+34 931 600 434


Surf House Barcelona

Something about SHB.

Surf House Barcelona has its origins in California’s lifestyle, giving something different to what you can find anywhere else in the city. Healthy “fast food” with the best quality; the best cocktails that you’ve ever tried and a rich activity agenda on the beach every day of the week.

Lovely Food Plus Awesome Drinks Plus Beach Activities

Our goal was to transmit the relevance of these three pillars, offer a fresh, colourful and meticulous experience closely related with the brand values.

Web App

We developed an entirely new mobile-focused experience of the website to ensure a greater scope of Surf House's values

It provides a better and easier way to navigate with smooth transitions and simple access to relevant information

Single page site

We created a one path lineal story divided in specific slides telling the different experiences Surf House offers. Additional information is loaded with ajax so the user can seamlessly navigate through the site